Arturetto Landi de neus van Morph Antigua Bay

Arturetto Landi the nose of Morph Antigua Bay

Aruturetto Landi: A Master Perfumer with a Passion for Creation

Birth in Lerici and the Enchanting Inspiration of the Gulf of La Spezia

Born in the enchanting Lerici, located in the Gulf of Poets on the Italian Riviera, Aruturetto Landi breathed the fresh sea air from an early age and was enchanted by the atmospheric sunsets on the beach. This love for the natural beauty of his hometown later became a crucial part of his identity.

A Lifelong Creative Passion for Perfume

It didn't take long for Art Landi to realize that the world of perfumery would be his calling - his lifelong creative passion. In 1976 he began his apprenticeship in Germany and qualified as a perfumer in 1980. Since then, he has created many unique compositions that are loved by perfume lovers worldwide.

A Fascination for the Orient and the Mystical World of Fragrances

During his career as a perfumer he developed a special preference for the Orient. During countless travels he discovered new scents and materials that fascinated him and which he masterfully incorporated into his compositions. A groundbreaking discovery was Dahn al Oudh, a fragrance material that has a major influence on Western creations today. Inspired by this mystical ingredient, he created “The one and only Oudh.”

Aruturetto Landi: The Nose Behind the Enchanting Perfume Antigua Bay

A Visionary Perfumer who Translates His Personality into Fragrance

With a unique vision, he dreamed again and again of creating fragrances that reflected his own personality. As the talented nose behind the new Morph perfume "Antigua Bay," Aruturetto Landi has once again proven his masterful talent for creative perfume compositions. His passion for the art of scent has created an enchanting masterpiece that delights the senses and fuels the imagination.

Discover the Magic of Aruturetto Landi and Antigua Bay

Curious about the masterpieces of Aruturetto Landi and the enchanting perfume Antigua Bay? Visit the Studio Aromatic website and discover the scents that are transforming the world of perfumery.


Source: [Art Landi]
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