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Morph Parfum

Morph Nudo 100ml - Eau de Parfum

Morph Nudo 100ml - Eau de Parfum

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Morph NUDO - An Enchanting Fragrance Experience

Fusion of Sacred and Secular Tones

Discover the fascinating fusion of sacred and secular notes in Morph's NUDO fragrance. A unique combination of incense and coca results in a perfume that harmoniously unites sensuality and purity. The contrast between these elements is irresistible and brings the senses and mind to life.

Morph NUDO - Penetrating, Enveloping and Sensual Alchemical

Be enchanted by the penetrating, enveloping and sensual alchemical scent of Morph NUDO. It is a perfect combination of incense and coca leaves that creates a lingering and seductive scent. This fragrance is specially designed for courageous individuals who dare to express and embrace themselves.

The Secret of Seduction with Morph NUDO

Discover the secret of seduction with NUDO from Morph. This perfume embodies the meeting of two worlds: the sacred and the profane. Opulent, enchanting and authentic, NUDO is the secret that those who do not want to go unnoticed embrace.

Odor build-up from Morph NUDO

  • Top notes: Coca
  • Heart notes: Cashmere
  • Base notes: Incense

Be seduced by the enchanting scent of Morph NUDO, with its unique fragrance composition of coca, cashmere and incense.

Contents: 100ml
Type: Eau de Parfum
Fragrance category: Oriental
Odor concentration: High


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