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Fragrance Categories: An Overview

What are fragrance categories?

Fragrance categories are a classification system used to categorize perfumes and fragrances into different groups based on their characteristics and composition. These categories help you understand and choose scents that suit individual preferences.

Popular fragrance categories

There are several categories, including Floral, Fruity, Oriental, Woody, Spicy, Aquatic and more. Floral fragrances contain floral aromas, while Fruity fragrances are inspired by fruity notes. Oriental scents are warm and exotic, while Woody scents contain woody elements. Spicy scents have spicy accents and Aquatic scents evoke the freshness of water.

How fragrance categories help you with your fragrance choice

Categories are useful when selecting perfumes and fragrances because they provide a guideline based on personal preferences. By understanding which categories appeal, you can more specifically search for perfumes that match your taste and style.

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