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Collection: Oriental Collection: Rich and Exotic Fragrances


What is the Oriental fragrance category?

The Oriental fragrance category includes perfumes inspired by the rich and exotic aromas of the Orient. This category offers a range of enchanting and mysterious scents.


These fragrances are characterized by their warm and sensual character. They often contain notes of exotic flowers, herbs, woods and precious resins. These scents evoke a feeling of luxury, mystery and sophistication.

Oriental fragrances are intense and intriguing, perfect for people who love a rich and enchanting aroma. They have a deep-seated appeal and can exude a sense of confidence and elegance.

Suitable for whom?

Oriental fragrances are appreciated by people who are looking for a fragrance that leaves a refined and sensual impression. They are ideal for lovers of mysterious and exotic perfumes, and for those who like to make a statement with their fragrance choice.

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