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Panama 1924

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Panama Sospeso

Sospeso, a masterpiece from Panama 1924, embodies timeless sophistication and unparalleled class.

Discover Sospeso of Panama 1924

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The Essence of Boellis Panama 1924

Boellis Panama 1924, Unique style, craftsmanship and quality.

Our philosophy is rooted in a careful style project, where every step is infused with passion and attention to detail.

Composed of high-quality natural materials, our fragrances embody sophistication and superiority.

Legacy of Craftsmanship

Each item in the Panama 1924 line is distinguished by the use of precious materials, with a legacy dating back to Michele, who started in the family business at the age of 13.

This third generation of Boellis combines tradition and innovation at Panama 1924, a tribute to their heritage.

Ode to Tradition and Innovation

Panama 1924 is an ode to tradition and innovation, inspired by grandfather Antonio's hair from 1924, when the concept for his barbershop was created along the boulevard of Naples.

Michele Boellis brought this legacy to life by introducing, in addition to men's fragrances, a complete line of care products based on these fragrances.

Realization of Ambition

From a young dream to reality: Panama 1924 embodies excellence, style and Italian identity on a world level.

This project is synonymous with a journey from ambition to realization.