How to best use perfume

Getting the Best Out of Your Perfume: Tips for Application

Timing and Application

Applying perfume correctly is essential to fully enjoy the scent and ensure that it lasts long. Here are the best ways to spray perfume:


Apply a subtle amount of perfume to the neck. This area has good blood circulation and warmth, so the scent spreads subtly and lingers longer.


Apply a small amount of perfume to both wrists. The wrists also have good blood circulation, which gradually releases the scent when you move your hands.

Behind the Ears

Spray a light mist of perfume behind each ear. These warm spots help the scent to be released subtly, especially when you move your head.

Inside of the Elbows

Apply a small amount of perfume to the inside of both elbows. Here the skin is thinner, which spreads the scent well.

Behind the Knees

Spray a little perfume behind both knees. This area has good blood circulation, which activates the scent when you move.

Use with Mate

It is important to remember that a little perfume is often enough. Excessive use of perfume can be overwhelming for others. Consider the concentration of the perfume and adjust the amount accordingly.

Hydration is Key

For a long-lasting scent, applying perfume to well-hydrated skin is best. Use an unscented body lotion or oil before applying perfume, as well-hydrated skin retains scent better.

Directly On The Skin

Always apply perfume directly to the skin rather than to clothing. The skin helps absorb and retain the scent, making the scent last longer and better complement your natural body odor. With these simple tips you will get the most out of your perfume and enjoy your favorite scent again and again!