Arturetto Landi

Arturetto Landi: Senior Perfumer at Morph, among others


Arturetto Landi is a Senior Perfumer at Morph with an impressive career spanning many cities and countries.

Originally a chemist, he fell in love with perfumery while working in England.

After studying in Holzminden, he worked in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Vienna and Dubai.

Arturetto Landi's Passion for scent

Landi grew up on the Italian Riviera, where he was influenced by his chef father.

He likes sensory and complex scents. His scents are lush, grand and like a symphony for the nose.

His passion for agarwood, discovered 25 years ago, has made him an expert in the use of rare materials.

He prefers oud oils with warm, woody and leather properties.

The art of perfumery

According to Landi, modesty, patience, imagination, passion and the ability to recognize perfect things are the qualities of a great perfumer.

He is a great believer in modesty and believes that a perfumer should not take himself too seriously.

Experience the opulent creations of Arturetto Landi

Experience Arturetto Landi's opulent creations, such as the new Morph Antigua Bay.

Antigua Bay is the perfect fragrance experience for modern adventure enthusiasts. With each spray it brings a sense of discovery and a unique personality. It is the perfect summer daytime perfume.

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source: Morph perfume

Arturetto Landi's creations for Morph