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Collection: Gourmand Collection: Sweet and Rich Aromas


What is the Gourmand fragrance category?

The Gourmand fragrance category is inspired by delicious and tasty aromas. This category includes perfumes and fragrances reminiscent of sweet treats, desserts and other culinary delights.


Characteristic of these fragrances are their sweet and edible notes. They often contain ingredients such as vanilla, caramel, chocolate, fruity syrups and spices. These scents evoke a feeling of comfort, coziness and pleasure.

Gourmand fragrances are a treat for the senses and can create a feeling of seduction and addiction. They are perfect for people who love sweet and seductive scents and want to leave a unique and irresistible impression.

For whom?

Gourmand fragrances are loved by lovers of sweet and luscious perfumes. They are ideal for people who like to emphasize their personality with a touch of culinary magic. Whether for everyday use or for special occasions, the scents bring a playful and enchanting atmosphere.

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