Luca Maffei

Luca Maffei - An emerging talent in Italian perfumery

Luca Maffei, a young rising star in Italian perfumery, made his debut in 2007 as an assistant perfumer in the family business. Raised among scents, he finds inspiration in the beauty around him. Fascinated by raw materials and their alchemy, he decided to delve into this unique world. After training with Françoise Marin, former director of the perfume school in Grasse, he returned to Italy and signed his first creations with M&M Fragrances. In 2011, he founded Atelier Fragranze Milano Srl, where he serves as perfumer and CEO.

Morph perfumes - Luca Maffei's creative masterpieces

Discover the enchanting creations of Luca Maffei, a master perfumer who combines his passion and craftsmanship in every bottle of Morph perfumes. Be enchanted by the harmonious blends of rare raw materials, inspired by the beauty of its Italian roots. Each perfume tells a unique story, infused with emotion and precision, giving every wearer an unforgettable experience.


source: Morph perfume