Douglas Morel

Douglas Morel, Morph's nose perfumer

The discovery of the art of perfumery

Douglas Morel discovered the art of perfumery at a very young age. Born in the north of France, he was enchanted by the smells and aromas emanating from the kitchen and quickly made the link between culinary chords and scents.

An olfactory memory in Damascus

His first olfactory memory arose in a bazaar in Damascus, where he was enveloped by the scent of cinnamon, cumin and freshly ground cardamom. This powerful experience has never left him and since then he has been determined to recreate this fragrance.

Study and learning process

After studying at ISIPCA, he started his apprenticeship at Takasago. There he had the opportunity to work with perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, who taught him the art of harmoniously blending ingredients to create perfectly balanced compositions with the right raw materials.

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source: Morph perfume

Douglas Morel's creations for Morph