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Morph Parfum

Morph Zeta Eau de Parfum + Body Cream

Morph Zeta Eau de Parfum + Body Cream

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MORPH ZETA Eau de Parfum + Body Cream

MORPH ZETA Eau de Parfum + Body cream in your favorite scent.

This Box (also called a coffret) is a beautiful gift for any time of the day.

Discover a sultry unisex eau de perfume that provides a unique scent for both day and evening. Enjoy the slightly aromatic scent, enriched with notes of cocoa, gray amber and almond. MORPH Zeta embodies sophistication in fragrance, developed by a group of young designers and professionals from the perfume industry. The Zeta has been one of the highlights in the range for many years.


Odor build-up from MORPH ZETA

  • Top notes: Venezuela Chuao
  • Heart notes: New Zealand gray amber
  • Base notes: Avola almond

The perfume unfolds with sweet spicy notes of the Chuao cocoa bean. After a while it was nicely complemented by the New Zealand gray amber. Then the Avola almond, which anchors the other notes with its sweet, nutty and woody scent and forms the basis of the perfume. It completes the scent into a wonderful whole that is very subtle but still present for a very long time.

Therefore, feel unique and embrace the metamorphosis with MORPH ZETA Perfume. A body cream is also available in the Zeta scent. So treat yourself to one of the highlights for both men and women from the Morph Eau de Parfum range. If you use Morph Zeta, don't be surprised if strangers ask you what perfume you are wearing.


For the experts:

MORPH Zeta is often compared to Bacarat Rouge 540 from Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Both unisex fragrances have a warm, sensual scent with notes of cocoa and amber. However, MORPH Zeta is appreciated for its slightly more subtle base notes.

Contents: 1x Perfume 100ml 1x Body Cream 200ml
Type: Eau de Parfum
Fragrance category: Gourmand
Odor concentration: High

In short, if you are a lover of beautiful scents, then Morph Zeta is a wonderful scent that lingers for a long time due to its high concentration.



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